Leadership.. yawn…or yes?!

Time to Shine

Leadership… yawn… or yay?

Ok! So been incredibly slack at this whole blog thing but have decided i need to give it a real crack… SO today… Leadership! 

Sounds boring .. maybe? Hmm well it can but but it can also be pretty amazing.. can you think of someone you know or used to know or maybe work for that was a great leader – what attributes made them great? How did they speak to others? What did they do that made them better? 
Can you think of someone that was NOT a great leader?? (I am sure this one is easy) How did they treat others? And what result did they get?? 

I have been reading this great book called “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek and it is amazing.  As you have probably guessed it is all about leadership.  He starts of talking about…

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A good time to start


If you have been thinking about starting anything and still thinking, you may be missing out on opportunities.

You may have heard of the quote “Procrastination is a thief of time” by Edward Young, the English poet. In this day and age, you can’t afford to waste time because the longer you put off doing something, the more difficult it becomes to actually do it.

A good time to startSo, how can you make a start and get the ball rolling?

How about writing down exactly what you WANT.

When you have written that down, write what you NEED to get what you want. The “want” is future focused and the “need” is present.

It is common sense that if you don’t do what you need to do, then you most likely will not get what you want.

I don’t mean to sound harsh but that is the reality. To help you get started…

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Leading Essentially

A friend of mine has recently started a blog at www.templetontrails.com. Tracy Nagel and I always have great conversations when we are together and I really appreciate the way her intellect combines with her heart to produce amazing thoughts.

I’m not one to re-post another blogger’s work, but I think this post on unlearning is too good to pass up.  Please go visit Tracy’s blog and let her know if you appreciate her as much as I do!!  Click here to visit!

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Taking Action!

Inspire Success Blog


I have written about taking action in the past, but after much reflection and personal experience (of not taking much action!) I have decided to blog about it again as it seems to be one of the biggest stoppers people have in creating momentum and success for themselves.

Why do we find it so difficult to start something??  I believe what holds us back from taking action is fear.  At the root of this fear is either a lack of faith in yourself or,  a lack of information – not actually knowing what to do or where to start.

One of the problems with lack of action is that it also breeds anxiety – anxiety about not doing enough or anything at all!  It becomes a cycle of not doing and feeling worried about the not doing!

What we do know is that thinking alone will not net results.  You…

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What is Confidence and Where Do We Find It?

Simon Maryan, Speaker & Psychological Trauma Specialist


Why is it that some people have it and some people are left wondering… how can I get that? Confidence can be an elusive thing sometimes, particularly when you’re relatively new to something. Now just for a moment, imagine yourself in a situation where you really need to be confident and someone is looking to you for answers, solutions, advise or motivation and you know you can help them. How does that feel? Write a description of what it feels like, where you feel it and where did it come from?

I quite regularly work with clients who are looking for their confidence and I also run workshops on How to Become Confident. My coaching and therapy clients often tell me that they lack a sense of confidence and they want to know how they can raise their level of confidence. The answer I give them is that confidence comes from…

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Preparing and Planning-START by STOPPING



I have been talking to a friend who really wants to change. I have been trying to convince him that he first needs to START to prepare. I came across a couple of good quotes about preparing.

John Wooden said, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.

Abraham Lincoln said, “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax”

My friend responds with he has no time and he is too busy to plan or prepare. Today it is very easy to get caught up in busyness of our lives and careers and lose sight that planning may not be urgent. Finding a time to unplug to think and prepare ourselves to change is a challenge.

In our culture we perceive the Chinese as being wise and philosophical. The Chinese language is complicated but I read once that the word busyness is…

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On Leadership, Communication and Your Email Address

Linked 2 Leadership


If you make a list of your pet peeves about work, I bet high on the list are, being kept in the dark, being patronised, and being misinformed.

Contrary to this type of workplace environment, healthy and successful organisations communicate as transparently as they can and keep secrets only as long as is absolutely necessary.

Great delivery also depends upon great communication, which should start at the top.” ~ Sir Richard Branson

Misunderstanding Communication

Talk to many leaders about communication and they think about, “how can I get my message out to the staff?” This is a symptom of how they perceive their relationship with their followers. They are in charge, they’re paid the big bucks to create the vision and strategy and they make all the important decisions.

Consequently they see communication as top-down delivery of their important information which should be understood and acted on…

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